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Author Topic: Terms of Agreement and Customer Policy  (Read 6581 times)


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Terms of Agreement and Customer Policy
« on: July 09, 2006, 02:41:42 PM »
Here will be listed the Terms of Agreement and Our Customer Policy

The rules may sound a bit strict, but we cannot work without them. We don't have many rules, but they are quite clear:

1. Media-XE works and provides services only under a custom-payment-agreement with the customer, the price charged for each project depending on the time taken to finish, the tools used, the necessary materials and details required from the customer for a better media service.

2. The customer is to give all necessary details that Media-XE requires in order to obtain better results in the final product. Failure to comply to this guideline by the customer, means that Media-X will not be held responsible if the customer is not 100% pleased with the results (we cannot read the human minds! - that is why we ask details about the product the customer wishes to get - so that he/she will be satisfied). Our team is made up of Media-XE artists who are working in different areas of computer applied knowledge and digital processing. We can cereate many media products, but there are some limits and since computer science is an exact one, that is - it works with numbers and certain values and variables, our customer must provide us as many details as possible about the desired project.

3. The payment for any product or media service will be decided after you contact us and tell us what would you like us to create/produce for you.

4. Once the payment is done or payment details are agreed upon, we will start offering the required media services to our customers.

5. We can also offer guidance and computer support & assistance. Yes, we know that some people may not have the necessary skills or do not understand fully how a product is created - let us work on that  ;), you have nothing to worry about - we will be glad to answer your questions and explain the details. We will explain to our customers how we work basically, but we will not disclose any details about the software tools or the specific procedures - as these are professional secrets that cannot be revealed - anybody practicing in a certain line of work can understand that.

6. We reserve the right to create independent projects and support our media partners, or projects of our friends for free or for insignificant charges. But there is a catch (there's always one, right? ;D) - we will support and maintain such projects as long as we have a good relationship with the respective people. Also we may occasionally create communities or offer support to persons we know, but they are to give us any personal detail or information that we consider necessary for professional ethics - we do not work with or for "things" or "entities" that type texts on instant messaging systems. All the information that you might be required to provide is confidential. Also, the people who receive our support or are offered media products from us must acknowledge and give us credit for our work. Failure to comply to this guideline, entitles us to stop offering support, media services or discontinue any work on the requested product.

7. We reserve the right to ask questions about the nature of the services or product our customers require, especially for the protection of our public image - we want to make a clear statement - Media-XE will not be associated with illegal activities and will not offer support for any project that could affect negatively our image. We only work on projects that are 100% legit and all the projects are protected by the international laws of copyright.

These are the standard rules for now. If our policy suffers changes, our customers will be notified by mail immediately. Once you are a Media-XE customer or receive any type of support from us, you accept and agree to the rules stated above. Thanks for your understanding!
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